Creative mechanism design of magnetic gears integrated with continuously variable transmissions

Yi Chang Wu, Mi Ching Tsai, Chin Tsung Chan

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Magnetic gear mechanisms, commonly used in specific industrial applications, possess the advantages of providing high transmission efficiency, being non-contact and maintenance free, and having overload protection. The purpose of this study is to apply a creative mechanism design methodology to come up with novel devices that combine V-belt continuously variable transmissions with coaxial magnetic gear mechanisms. The topological characteristics of the magnetic gear with an integrated continuously variable transmission are analyzed herein. The design requirements and constraints are concluded and applied to generate all feasible specialized chains. In total, 17 new design concepts featuring magnetic gear mechanisms with integrated continuously variable transmissions are obtained. The magnetostatic field of the magnetic gear mechanism is also analyzed to check the magnetic saturation and calculate the maximum transmitted torque by finite element analysis.

期刊Advances in Mechanical Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2018 5月 1

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  • 機械工業


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