Crossover from incommensurate to commensurate magnetic orderings in CoCr2O4

L. J. Chang, D. J. Huang, W. H. Li, S. W. Cheong, W. Ratcliff, J. W. Lynn

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The conical spin order of multiferroic CoCr2O4 has been studied by a neutron diffraction to investigate its magnetic phase transitions at temperatures below 40K. Magnetic order of a spiral spin component with an incommensurate propagation vector of (0.63, 0.63, 0) was observed at 26K, while at 14.5K, the incommensurate conical spin order showed a transition into the fixed commensurate propagation vector of (2/3,2/3,0). In addition, two satellite peaks with propagation vectors of (0.035, 0, 0) and (0, 0.035, 0) from the commensurate vector were observed. The widths of these peaks indicate a long-range magnetic order. This new magnetic configuration below 14.5K may lead to a new model of multiferroic behavior differing from the well-known spin-current model for magnetic ferroelectricity.

期刊Journal of Physics Condensed Matter
出版狀態Published - 2009

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