Cryptosystem for IoT Devices with Feedback Operation Modes Based on Shared Buffer and Unrolled-Pipeline Techniques

Wen Long Chin, Pin Wei Chen, Shih Hsiang Chou, Yu Hua Yang, Pei Yin Chen, Tao Jiang

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This article presents a multichannel cryptosystem based on the proposed shared buffer techniques which enhance security for several Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices by using block cipher with feedback operation modes. Information security and its performance are both important characteristics for modern networking devices. In cryptography, the block cipher, for example, advanced encryption standard (AES), using feedback operation modes can enhance the security level but, unfortunately, the encryption cannot be performed in parallel owing to data dependency. Therefore, the pipeline and unrolling techniques are not applicable to increase the throughput of hardware designs. Under this situation, the round-based architecture is popular and regarded as an area-efficient solution. However, this method inherently limits its throughput. The proposed cryptosystem aims to provide many resource-constrained IoT devices with high-speed centralized encryption service to enhance their security levels, which are applicable for various scenarios, such as vehicular network, home network, and network function virtualization (NFV)/software-defined networking (SDN) IoT. Beyond that, the proposed design introduces the shared buffer technique based on linked lists and presents a novel queuing structure to enhance the memory utilization so that it can reduce 72.9% memory requirement of the naïve implementation while achieving the same speedup. According to the implementation result, an aggregate throughput of 130.91 Gb/s for encrypting ten IoT devices in cipher block chaining (CBC), cipher feedback (CFB), and output feedback (OFB) modes can be achieved on TSMC 40 nm. The area efficiency of this work significantly outperforms the state-of-The-Art works.

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期刊IEEE Internet of Things Journal
出版狀態Published - 2024 2月 1

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  • 訊號處理
  • 資訊系統
  • 硬體和架構
  • 電腦科學應用
  • 電腦網路與通信


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