Cubic phase stabilization of Barium titanate nanorods by rapid quenching technique

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Stabilization of high temperature cubic phase of BaTiO3 at room temperature is established by rapid quenching of the surfactant assisted sonochemically synthesized BaTiO3 after calcination for 2 h at 800 °C. The quenched BaTiO3 is stabilized to cubic phase at room temperature in contrast to the BaTiO3 obtained by normal cooling at a rate of 1 °C/min, which exists in the tetragonal phase at room temperature. BaTiO3 prepared by the same synthetic procedure but two different heat treatment methods possesses almost similar morphology (i.e.) 1-dimensional nanorod structure but with different aspect ratio. Quenching prevents the low temperature phase transformation c→t from occurring by providing a narrow window of time in which the reaction is both thermodynamically favourable and kinetically accessible.

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期刊Materials Letters
出版狀態Published - 2017 一月 1

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