Cultural and creative industries and the spatial development of Taipei fashion industry

Hsin Yi Hsieh, Tai Shan Hu, Zhen Wei You

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In the 21st century, cultural and creative industries, enhancing the economy of all countries, are the new force to develop the new economy. Moreover, national competitiveness is also improved with the appearance of cultural and creative industries. Cultural and creative industries are the so-called classic knowledge economy. Urban spaces, the important platform for the development of knowledge-based industries, provide a location for creative inspiration. Nevertheless, the facilities supporting the industries are required to build a space for more than just attracting creative class and customers, but inspiring and gathering creativities in a city. Local characteristics should also remain in this space, binding culture with industries together. Hence, the current study focused on the formation of creative atmosphere and build of self-evident creative spaces. This study used the brand design of the fashion industry in cultural and creative industries for the case study, discussing the developing process of the fashion industry in Taipei City. Questionnaires, given in two fashion industry clusters, helped to understand the spatial characteristics, the needs of brand design and fashion industry, as well as the public facilities and policies. The study also proposed the spatial planning, helping in forming the atmosphere of creative fashion. According to research results, if two fashion industry clusters can increase and building fashion infrastructure and link network of industry to attract creative class cluster, build fashion industry power as a creative core, combined with perfect information, network of industry. For company, government, research institute universities and related organizations as an integration, provide urban planning for the promote the development of fashion industry in Taipei City in the future, let the fashion industry in Taipei can be more vigorous development.

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期刊Journal of Architecture and Planning
出版狀態Published - 2017 1月 1

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