Cyclic performance of CaCO3@mSiO2 for CO2 capture in a calcium looping cycle

Chien Cheng Li, Ui Ting Wu, Hong-Ping Lin

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A simple and cost-effective one-pot synthesis route to directly prepare CaCO3@mesoporous silica in a core-shell structure (denoted as CaCO3@mSiO2) as a high-performance CO2 sorbent has been developed. The (CaCO3@mSiO2)-based sorbents with and without pelletization showed superior CO2 adsorption performance compared to a CaCO3-based sorbent. The carbonation conversion of the (CaCO3@mSiO2)-based sorbents as well as the retention of the carbonation conversion has been significantly improved by coating the mesoporous silica onto the CaCO3-based sorbents. The best adsorption performance is obtained by using the (CaCO3@5.6 wt% mSiO 2)-based sorbent. The improved carbonation conversion retention of the (CaCO3@5.6 wt% mSiO2)-based pellet sorbent is around 25% after 50 cycles of decarbonation/carbonation, which is higher than that of the CaCO3-based sorbent (13%). The resultant (CaCO 3@mSiO2)-based sorbent has high resistance toward carbonation/decarbonation reaction.

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期刊Journal of Materials Chemistry A
出版狀態Published - 2014 六月 14

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