Cylindrical bending vibration of functionally graded piezoelectric shells using the method of perturbation

Chih Ping Wu, Yi Hwa Tsai

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Based on the three-dimensional (3D) piezoelectricity, two asymptotic formulations for the cylindrical bending vibration of simply supported, functionally graded (FG) piezoelectric cylindrical shells with open-circuit and closed-circuit surface conditions are presented. The normal electric displacement and electric potential are prescribed to be zero on the lateral surfaces. In the present asymptotic formulations the material properties are regarded to be heterogeneous through the thickness coordinate. Afterwards, they are further specified to be constant in single-layer shells, to be layerwise constant in multilayered shells and to obey an identical exponent-law distribution in FG shells. The method of multiple time scales is used to eliminate the secular terms arising from the regular asymptotic expansion. The orthonormality and solvability conditions for various orders are derived. The recursive property among the motion equations of various order problems is shown. The present asymptotic formulations are applied to several illustrative examples. The accuracy and the rate of convergence of the present asymptotic solutions are evaluated. The coupled electro-elastic effect and the influence of the material-property gradient index on the free-vibration behavior of FG piezoelectric shells are studied.

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期刊Journal of Engineering Mathematics
出版狀態Published - 2009 1月

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