Decomposition of no on the alkalized pt/al2o3

Y. J. Huang, H. P. Wang, S. H. Liu, C. T. Yeh, B. C. Chang

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Catalytic decomposition of NO on platinum catalysts at 873–1173 K was investigated in the present work. The yield of N2 in the NO decomposition process was significantly increased on the alkalizing Pt/Al2O3 catalyst. The enhancement may be attributed to a trap of additional NO molecules by basic sites of the alkalized catalyst. The interstitially adsorbed species (NaOH(NO)Pt) might increase the NO adsorption strength during the catalytic NO reduction process. Pt on the high acidity HY was also active for catalytic decomposition of NO. Nevertheless, its activity decreased at higher temperatures (>1073 K) because of the distortion of the HY framework. Combined results of XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectra) and TPR (temperature programmed reduction) showed that PtO and PtO2 were the main active species on the alkalized A12O3 and HY during NO reduction.

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期刊Environmental Technology (United Kingdom)
出版狀態Published - 2003 3月 1

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