Deep level transient spectroscopy characterization without the Arrhenius plot

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Defect characterization by deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) requires the extraction of two key quantities of the carrier emission rate from the defects - activation energy (Ea) and pre-exponential factor (ν0) - the latter is related to the carrier capture cross section. This task, ubiquitous to thermally activated processes besides defect-carrier interaction, is traditionally accomplished by constructing an Arrhenius plot with DLTS peak locations and fitting it with a line. We present a transformation method based on the Arrhenius equation that extracts Ea and ν0 without constructing or line-fitting the Arrhenius plot and bypasses peak identification. This method is developed on the basis of the fundamental temperature-rate duality relationship and extracts Ea and ν0 by matching the curvatures the Arrhenius-transformed spectra of the iso-thermal and iso-rate DLTS scans in the 2D temperature-rate plane. The extraction can be conducted with data in a small temperature range and is, therefore, capable of unambiguously resolving Ea and ν0 at any temperature point and their temperature dependence, if any.

期刊Review of Scientific Instruments
出版狀態Published - 2021 二月 1

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