Dementia with non-convulsive seizures: a case report

Yu Shiue Chen, Tsang Shan Chen, Chin Wei Huang

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Non-convulsive seizures (NCSs) are highly treatable, but appropriate management is usually delayed because of inaccurate diagnoses as a result of variable clinical presentations, including an altered mental state. It is difficult to detect NCSs in patients with dementia. We report a case of NCS superimposed on cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s dementia. The patient’s history was carefully recorded. An electroencephalogram was recorded with sphenoidal electrodes, which showed epileptiform discharges in the right mesial temporal lobe and focal, sharply contoured, slow wave activity in the left fronto-temporal area, suggesting an epileptic origin contributing to the patient’s cognitive decline. After treatment with antiepileptic drugs, the patient’s cognitive functioning gradually improved. An accurate diagnosis of NCS relies on performing a detailed inventory of a patient’s history, thorough physical and neurological examinations, and electroencephalogram recordings. In patients with cognitive decline, testing for NCS should always be included in the differential diagnosis of cognitive impairment, even in the case of dementia. Early administration of antiepileptic drug therapy is the mainstay treatment for reversing the condition and for preventing prolonged insults from neurological sequelae.

期刊Journal of International Medical Research
出版狀態Published - 2021 12月

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