Densification and magnetic properties of low-fire NiCuZn ferrites

Sea Fue Wang, Yuh Ruey Wang, Thomas C.K. Yang, Che Fu Chen, Chun An Lu, Chi Yuen Huang

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The mixing of (Ni0.38Cu0.12Zn0.50)Fe2O4 powders with Bi2O3 was performed using the solid-state mixing as well as wet chemical coating processes such as ammonia precipitation coating, urea precipitation coating, and solution coating. Ferrites prepared from the wet chemical coating processes could be densified at a lower sintering temperature without significant impact on the microstructural evolution compared with that prepared by solid-state mixing. In addition, samples prepared from the wet chemical coating process have a higher Br and Bs and a lower Hc compared with that from solid-state mixing. Considering both the effects of sintering temperature and sintered density (>95% T.D.), ferrites with 1.5wt% Bi2O3 addition by ammonia precipitation coating sintered at 900 °C can provide the best permeability and quality factor (191 and 68.2, respectively) among all the cases studied.

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期刊Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
出版狀態Published - 2000 10月

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