Derivation of Modified reynolds equation-A porous media model

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In this study, a porous media model is developed which can be applied to thin film lubrication problems. The microstructure of bearing surfaces is modeled as porous layers attached to the impermeable substrate. The Brinkman-extended Darcy equations and Stokes' equations are utilized to model the flow in the porous region and fluid film region, respectively. The stress jump boundary condition at the porous media/fluid film interface and effects of viscous shear are included in deriving the modified Reynolds equation. The present model can correct and modify a previous study based on the Darcy model with slip-fiow effects or another based on the Brinkman-extended Darcy model with stress continuity at the porous media/fluid film interface. In the results, the effects of material properties: viscosity ratio (α2i), thickness of porous layer (Δi), permeability (Ki), stress jump parameter (βi), on the velocity distributions, and performance of one-dimensional converging wedge problems are discussed.

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期刊Journal of Tribology
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