Design and analysis of a compact synthetic-jet-based air pump for large airflow

Yu Jen Wang, Chung De Chen, Chien Li

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In this paper, a compact synthetic jet actuator comprising a primary jet actuator and a synthetic jet chamber was proposed. This synthetic jet actuator can enhance the total airflow rate by combining the primary, and secondary flows synthesized by the synthetic jet. The oscillating diaphragm and valve parts of the synthetic jet actuator were designed as a closed magnetic flux loop to enhance the magnetic flux density in the coils. The primary jet actuator was designed with a separate inlet and outlet to serve as a heat-dissipation application and prevent the re-ingesting of heated air. Thus, a dynamic model of a synthetic jet actuator was constructed, and motion equations were subsequently derived using plate theory, the Lorentz law, and magnetic flux simulation. The behavior in association with the displacement of the oscillating diaphragm, oscillation frequency, and driving current is discussed in this paper. Finally, an experimental rig was constructed to verify the correctness of the airflow simulations. The synthetic jet actuator was integrated with flow channels, and achieved an airflow rate of 9.23 L/min at a 1.5 V driving voltage.

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期刊Microsystem Technologies
出版狀態Published - 2015 七月 11

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