Design and experiment of a moving magnet actuator based jetting dispenser

Minh Sang Tran, Sheng Jye Hwang

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Developing actuators to drive high-frequency jetting dispensers in the dispensing technology for electronic assembly applications has become a concern in recent years. This study proposed a new jetting dispenser without a displacement amplification mechanism directly actuated by a moving magnet actuator (MMA) to jet small fluid droplets. In this article, the main geometric dimensions of the dispensing cluster including the needle, chamber, and seat-nozzle follow those of previous studies and existing dispensers to reduce design time. The necessary root-mean-square force applied to the dispenser needle, which is the key value for the MMA design, is calculated in detail. An ANSYS Maxwell finite element analysis (FEA) is used to simulate the MMA thrust force and modify geometric dimensions. The droplet size produced by the proposed dispenser is empirically investigated under various backpressure, operating frequency, needle displacement, and fluid temperature conditions. The experimental results indicated that the jet dispenser driven by the moving magnet actuator stably operated at the maximal operating frequency of 80 Hz. Some errors, such as losing droplets and generating small satellite dots around the main dots, did not occur during the operating process. In addition, the size of the proposal dispenser without the displacement-magnifying mechanism was also significantly reduced. To conclude, the jetting dispenser driven by the proposal moving magnet actuator can operate well at a medium frequency and shows great potential for dispensing technologies.

期刊Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
出版狀態Published - 2019 七月 1

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