Design and fabrication of a smart layer module in composite laminated structures

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A smart layer module design utilizing a flexible printed circuit process is developed in this paper. The smart layer module, composed of two single-sided flexible polyimide films, piezoelectric sensor/actuator(s) and a pin connector, provides the advantages of convenience, efficiency, and performance when embedded in a smart structure. The problems of the piezoelectric sensor/actuator lead-wires often being easily damaged during fabrication and the short-circuiting of the sensor/actuator by carbon/graphite fibers can be solved. Tensile and modal tests show that the embedded smart layer module increases both the stiffness and strength of a composite laminated smart structure. Experiments of vibration measurement and suppression validate that the smart layer module is effective in engineering applications.

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期刊Smart Materials and Structures
出版狀態Published - 2005 四月 1

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