Design and implementation of HEMS based on RFID and OSGi

Chu Sing Yang, Yu Chun Lu, Ming Yi Liao, Chao Xing Chen

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RFID is applied to goods management, vehicle management, and medical equipments. The appliances of smart home are very popular today. To apply ICT (Information Communication Technology) to life is a popular study. People sometimes forget to take something away. He may take his laptop away, but forgets the battery or his mouse. Therefore, we proposed the HEMS (Household Effects Management System) which is used to remind family members to take their effects. Because we believe that the size of RFID tags will be smaller enough to be embedded on the household effects, we designed and implemented the HEMS based on RFID and OSGi. OSGi is an open platform based on JVM which supports the resource sharing of applications. We developed the RFID middleware to share the information of RFID tags with other applications.

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期刊Wireless Personal Communications
出版狀態Published - 2011 七月

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