Design and Steady-State Analysis of Parallel Resonant DC-DC Converter for High-Voltage Power Generator

Wen Chien Hsu, Jiann Fuh Chen, Yi Ping Hsieh, Yu Min Wu

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A novel voltage-doubling circuit with parallel-resonant dc-dc converter is proposed. The converter consists of full-bridge inverter, resonant tank, high-frequency high-voltage transformer, and voltage-doubling circuit. In the high-voltage applications, low-output voltage ripple has been given much attention. The output voltage step-up ratio is increased by two parts. One is a high-frequency high-voltage transformer and the other is a voltage-doubling circuit. The novel voltage-doubling circuit can not only reach a higher output voltage but also reduce output ripple to a lower level than the conventional one. Therefore, while maintaining the same output voltage, the transformer's turn ratio can be reduced compared with the conventional voltage-doubling circuit. The output power can be adjusted by the phase-shift control technique. In addition, combining this technique with the parallel resonant tank can make all the switches achieve zero voltage turn on (ZVS). The operating principles, steady-state analysis, and the parameter designs are discussed in this paper. Finally, a prototype circuit with 400-V input voltage, 40-kV output voltage, and 300-W output power is developed in the laboratory to verify the performance of the proposed converter.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
出版狀態Published - 2017 2月

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