Design of an acoustic bending waveguide with acoustic metamaterials via transformation acoustics

Liang Yu Wu, Tzeh Yi Chiang, Chia Nien Tsai, Mei Ling Wu, Lien-Wen Chen

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Transformation acoustics is employed to design an acoustic bending waveguide. A two-dimensional square area with anisotropic and homogeneous material properties is transformed into a fan-shaped area with anisotropic and inhomogeneous material properties to rotate the direction of beam propagation. An alternating layered structure is considered to approximate a medium with anisotropic material properties. From the calculation results, the transformation medium can be realized by an alternating layered structure consisting of water and fluid with negative mass density. We propose that an acoustic metamaterial composed of three layers in water background can be designed to replace negative mass density fluid. The effective mass density and bulk modulus of the system that is composed of the acoustic metamaterial and water are dependent on the incident frequency and the geometric size of the acoustic metamaterial. We tune the geometric size of the acoustic metamaterial to approach the corresponding mass density distribution of the negative mass density fluid at a specific frequency. Thereby, the acoustic bending waveguide designed by using transformation acoustics can be achieved by the acoustic metamaterials.

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期刊Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
出版狀態Published - 2012 十一月 1

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