Design of VCM actuator with the chamfered edge magnet for cellphone

Chang Lin Hsieh, Hsiao Yu Wang, Yu Hao Chang, Chien Sheng Liu

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Recently, consumers pay close attention to the function of smartphone cameras. The prevalence of smartphone cameras with the high pixels lens causes users to be not satisfied with only the auto-focusing function. The smartphone cameras specifically require the optical image stabilization (OIS) function helping users get sharper and clearer images. Therefore, this paper presents a voice coil type OIS actuator for smartphone cameras with novel electromagnetic design that features the magnets with chamfered edge to reduce the size and the cost of the OIS actuator and improve its power efficiency. And this paper proves its performance through the laboratory-built prototype. The experimental results show that the proposed OIS actuator with the novel electromagnetic design can supply greater and more stable Lorentz force when comparing with the commercial OIS product and the performance of the proposed novel design is robust.

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期刊Microsystem Technologies
出版狀態Published - 2017 十二月 1

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