Design process management

T. S. Jeng, C. M. Eastman

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The objective of this article is to develop an electronic collaborative environment supporting cross-disciplinary heterogeneous computer-aided design (CAD) use. Design information flows, as a result of concurrent execution of an open-ended set of applications, require both better communication and control for design effectiveness. This work reviews current capabilities in database transactions to support CAD/CAM and proposes a new architecture to support missing capabilities. In this article we outline the use of a process management module within a product modeling environment. The management and control of design information flows are addressed at three levels of abstraction: a conceptual framework for specifying and reasoning about design transactional flows, a comprehensive distributed object model of design processes, and a client-server network-based computing infrastructure supporting the process model.

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期刊Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
出版狀態Published - 1999 一月 1

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  • 土木與結構工程
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