Determinants of green performance in container terminal operations: A lean management

Szu Yu Kuo, Pei Chun Lin

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Recent reports on environmental protection have found that lean management can facilitate green operations in container terminals. Using data from 268 samples in Kaohsiung, a structural equation modeling approach was employed to examine the relationships among lean management, green operations, and green behavior with respect to green performance, and a hierarchical regression approach was utilized to test the moderating effect of green climate between these major dimensions in the context of container terminals. The research findings indicated that lean management positively influenced both green operations and green behavior. Green operational practices had a positive impact on both green behavior and green performance. Green climate also had a positive effect on green performance. Additionally, a green climate positively moderated the effect of lean management, green behavior, and green performance. In this era of environmental protection, these research outcomes have practical implications for the expansion of container terminal organizations by improving operational effectiveness with green performance.

期刊Journal of Cleaner Production
出版狀態Published - 2020 十二月 1

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