Determinants of medical care service personnel knowledge sharing intention: An empirical study

Ming Tien Tsai, Kun Shiang Chen

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Historically, knowledge management plays a predominant role in enhancing organizational performance. Organizations adopt what methods to capture useful knowledge from knowledge repositories for accumulation, is the largest challenge in the organization. The organization will be encourage and instruct inter-organization members vigorous to promote the exchange and sharing of knowledge attitude and intention to facilitate organizational competitiveness and operating performance. In the health care domain, reliance on staff expertise to perform the operation is very professional practice. Medical service personnel in the implementation of daily operation often need to communicate with colleagues and work together to exclude the health care problem. This research review the theory of reasoned action, and individual's intrinsic motivations with extrinsic factors to observe related impact on the antecedents of knowledge sharing intention. Further, to this end, the authors integrate knowledge sharing literature to inference and develop a conceptual framework to empirical factors interrelationships in medical care service area.

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期刊Life Science Journal
出版狀態Published - 2012 6月 25

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