Determination of optical properties of superficial volumes of layered tissue phantoms

Sheng Hao Tseng, Carole Hayakawa, Jerome Spanier, Anthony J. Durkin

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Previously, we reported the design of a new diffusing probe that employs a standard two-layer diffusion model to recover the optical properties of turbid samples. This particular probe had a source-detector separation of 2.5 mm and performance was validated with Monte Carlo simulations and homogeneous phantom experiments. The goal of the current study is to characterize the performance of this new method in the context of two-layer phantoms that mimic the optical properties of human skin. We analyze the accuracy of the recovered top layer optical properties and their dependences on the thickness of the top layer of two-layer phantoms. Our results demonstrate that the optical properties of the top layer can be accurately determined with a 1.6 mm source-detector separation diffusing probe when this layer thickness is as thin as 1 mm. Monte Carlo simulations illustrate that the interrogation depth can be further decreased by shortening the source-detector separation.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2008 1月

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