Deterministic Assembly Processes Strengthen the Effects of b-Diversity on Community Biomass of Marine Bacterioplankton

Feng Hsun Chang, Jinny Wu Yang, Ariana Chih Hsien Liu, Hsiao Pei Lu, Gwo Ching Gong, Fuh Kwo Shiah, Chih Hao Hsieh

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The presence of more species in the community of a sampling site (a diversity) typically increases ecosystem functions via nonrandom processes like resource partitioning. When considering multiple communities, we hypothesize that higher compositional difference (b diversity) increases overall functions of these communities. Further, we hypothesize that the b diversity effect is more positive when b diversity is increased by nonrandom assembly processes. To test these hypotheses, we collected bacterioplankton along a transect of 6 sampling sites in the southern East China Sea in 14 cruises. For any pairs of the 6 sites within a cruise, we calculated the Bray-Curtis index to represent b diversity and summed bacterial biomass as a proxy to indicate the overall function of the two communities. We then calculated deviation of observed mean pairwise phylogenetic similarities among species in two communities from random to represent the influences of nonrandom processes. The bacterial b diversity was found to positively affect the summed bacterial biomass; however, the effect varied among cruises. Cross-cruise comparison indicated that the b diversity effect increased with the nonrandom processes selecting for phylogenetically dissimilar species. This study extends biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research to the scale of multiple sites and enriches the framework by considering community assembly processes.

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