Developing and validating cardiovascular emergency gamification question cards

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Background: Learning to handle cardiovascular emergencies is complex and can cause psychological stress for nursing students. Gamification using question cards as a learning aid is one of the creative educational strategies that can help students learn in a fun way. The design of cards with valid and reliable questions is essential in gamification; however, such cards are still lacking in cardiovascular emergency learning. Objectives: To develop and validate cardiovascular emergency question cards for the future use of gamification for education regarding cardiovascular emergencies among undergraduate nursing students. Methods: The development process included two phases: designing the question cards and testing validity evidence. A table of specifications was used to select and assign questions based on three levels with six learning outcome categories. Five nurse experts assessed the evidence based on test content, including the relevance, clarity, and essentiality of the questions. Seven final-year nursing students evaluated the evidence based on the response process. After revision, 61 nursing students evaluated the internal consistency reliability of each level. Results: In the design phase, ninety English question cards were categorized into three levels based on the learning outcomes expected in an undergraduate emergency nursing course. Most of the questions were multiple-choice questions, and some were short answer questions. The final item-content validity index = 1.00, the scale-content validity index/universal agreement = 1.00, and the content validity ratio = 1.00. Cronbach's α for internal structure was 0.81 for level I (n = 61), 0.92 for level II (n = 54), and 0.81 for level III (n = 46). Conclusion: The cardiovascular emergency question cards showed acceptable evidence based on the test content, response process, and internal structure. In the future, testing the feasibility of applying the question cards to gamification and assessing their learning effect on cardiovascular emergency knowledge retention will be necessary.

期刊Nurse Education Today
出版狀態Published - 2022 10月

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