Development and validation of a dementia screening tool for primary care in Taiwan: Brain Health Test

Ping Huang Tsai, Jian Liang Liu, Ker Neng Lin, Chiung Chih Chang, Ming Chyi Pai, Wen Fu Wang, Jen Ping Huang, Tzung Jeng Hwang, Pei Ning Wang

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Objectives To develop a simple dementia screening tool to assist primary care physicians in identifying patients with cognitive impairment among subjects with memory complaints or at a high risk for dementia. Design The Brain Health Test (BHT) was developed by several experienced neurologists, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists in the Taiwan Dementia Society. Validation of the BHT was conducted in the memory clinics of various levels of hospitals in Taiwan. Participants All dementia patients at the memory clinics who met the inclusion criteria of age greater or equal to 50 years were enrolled. Besides the BHT, the Mini-Mental State Examination and Clinical Dementia Rating were used to evaluate the cognition state of the patients and the severity of dementia. Results The BHT includes two parts: a risk evaluation and a cognitive test (BHT-cog). Self or informants reports of memory decline or needing help from others to manage money or medications were significantly associated with cognitive impairment. Among the risk factors evaluated in the BHT, a total risk score greater or equal to 8 was defined as a high risk for dementia. The total score for the finalized BHT-cog was 16. When the cutoff value for the BHT-cog was set to 10 for differentiating dementia and a normal mental state, the sensitivity was 91.5%, the specificity was 87.3%, the positive predictive value was 94.8%, and the negative predictive value was 80.1% The area under the receiver operating characteristic curve between dementia and healthy subjects was 0.958 (95% CI = 0.941–0.975). Conclusions The BHT is a simple tool that may be useful in primary care settings to identify high-risk patients to target for cognitive screening.

期刊PloS one
出版狀態Published - 2018 四月

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