Development of a Dual-Input Magnetic Gear Train for the Transmission System of Small-Scale Wind Turbines

Yi Chang Wu, Feng Ming Ou, Mi Ching Tsai, Saian Nur Fajri

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Magnetic gear mechanisms have advanced to have a promising future in transmission technology. Previous research indicates that magnetic gear mechanisms might replace mechanical gear mechanisms in some applications. Small-scale wind turbines (SWT) with counter-rotating rotors that were initially fitted by bevel gears are proposed to be replaced by a coaxial magnetic gear train (CMGT). The CMGT is intended for use as a speed multiplier in order to obtain maximum power at low wind speeds, due to its beneficial transmission of power without physical contact. The primary objective of this study is to build a dual-input CMGT that will be employed in the transmission system of small-scale counter-rotating wind turbines. A dual-input CMGT is built through the analytical modeling of an equivalent magnetic circuit (EMC), which aims to predict the magnetic flux density in the air-gaps of CMGT. Several models within design constraints were compared to obtain the optimum design parameters of the preliminary CMGT design resulting from an EMC analysis. The optimized critical design parameters were then selected and analyzed using finite-element analysis (FEA) to depict the performance of the proposed SWT design. According to the findings, the developed design can generate an inner air-gap flux density of 0.8314 T and an outer air-gap flux density of 1.0200 T. The model likewise produces promising simulation results with an output transmitted torque in the inner rotor (output link) of 8.7 Nm, 56.9 Nm in the outer rotor, and 48.0 Nm in the carrier with pole-pieces. Thus, this design can generate higher torque than a bevel-geared wind turbine. The speed characteristics are also compromised in order to raise the generator’s rotating speed to generate more power. Finally, this study demonstrates the performance and embodiment design of the proposed SWT using CMGT.

期刊Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
出版狀態Published - 2022 4月 1

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