Development of Advanced Manufacturing Cloud of Things (AMCoT)-A Smart Manufacturing Platform

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As semiconductor manufacturing processes are becoming more and more sophisticated, how to maintain their feasible production yield becomes an important issue. Also, how to build a smart manufacturing platform that can facilitate realizing smart factories is essential and desirable for current manufacturing industries. Aimed at addressing the above-mentioned two issues, in this letter, a five-stage approach for enhancing and assuring yield is proposed. Also, a smart manufacturing platform-Advanced Manufacturing Cloud of Things (AMCoT) based on Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data analytics, cyber-physical systems, and prediction technologies is designed and implemented to realize the proposed five-stage approach of yield enhancement and assurance. Finally, AMCoT is applied to a bumping process of a semiconductor company in Taiwan to conduct industrial case studies. Testing results demonstrate that AMCoT possesses capabilities of conducting total inspection in production, providing prognosis, and predictive maintenance on equipment, finding the root cause of yield loss, and storing and handling big production data, which as a whole is promising to achieve the goal of zero defects.

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期刊IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
出版狀態Published - 2017 7月

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