Development of an educational supply chain information system using object web technology

Fan Tien Cheng, Haw Ching Yang, Eric Huang

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With the explosive growth of the Web, it becomes essential for developing a program to educate students to comprehend how to develop large-scale software systems for Internet applications. One of the major enabling technologies for constructing e-Commerce applications is the Object Web. Supply chains are typical large-scale applications of e-Commerce. Therefore, this work presents a collaborative and event-driven educational Supply Chain Information System (SCIS) by using Object Web technology. Unified Modeling Language (UML) is applied to analyze and design the SCIS framework that contains two major components: the Information Coordinator Component and the Agent Component. Demonstration results indicate that this SCIS framework provides a collaborative, event-driven, object-oriented, and agent-based infrastructure for the supply chain members to mutually exchange information efficiently. Educational aspects concerning development procedures, development tools, software reuse, and a system interface for distributed object-oriented software engineering courses are also emphasized in this paper.

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