Development of mechanism, machine science and technology in Taiwan

Hong Sen Yan, Zhang Hua Fong, Ying Chien Tsai, Cheng Kuo Sung, Jao Hwa Kuang, Chung Biau Tsay, Shyi Jeng Tsai, Dar Zen Chen, Tyng Liu, Jyh Jone Lee, Shuo Hung Chang

研究成果: Chapter


We give a brief historical perspective of IFToMM China-Taipei activities in mechanism and machine science and its involvement in the IFToMM World Congress. The systematic generation of all possible mechanisms for required topological characteristics with design requirement and constraints was proposed by H. S. Yang in 1980 by the so-called “Methodology for the Conceptual Design of Mechanisms”. The gearing machines, such as CNC hobbing, shaving, grinding, and hypoid gear generator have been developed in Taiwan with aid of IFToMM China-Taipei community. For classification of geared mechanisms, a methodology is developed using concept of kinematic fractionation. Finally the tendon drive mechanism and nanometer positioning mechanism are included.

主出版物標題Mechanisms and Machine Science
發行者Springer Netherlands
出版狀態Published - 2011 一月 1


名字Mechanisms and Machine Science


All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering


Yan, H. S., Fong, Z. H., Tsai, Y. C., Sung, C. K., Kuang, J. H., Tsay, C. B., ... Chang, S. H. (2011). Development of mechanism, machine science and technology in Taiwan. 於 Mechanisms and Machine Science (頁 281-288). (Mechanisms and Machine Science; 卷 1). Springer Netherlands.