Development of power converters for application in underwater telemetry systems

Chien H. Lee, W. K. Chen, C. W. Chuang, C. C. Hua

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Since the facilities of underwater telemetry systems require a power source with good dynamic responses and long duration usage for increasing the measurement accuracy and the test efficiency, this paper will use two sets of lead-acid batteries as the power source of underwater telemetry systems. Moreover, the low-cost integrated circuit (IC) and buck-type converters are used to obtain dc 12V, 19V and 24V voltages for uses of underwater acoustic modem, single board computer and vertical line array hydrophone with condition amplifiers, respectively. Finally, the feasibility of the designed power converter has been verified with the IsSpice software and the underwater telemetry system has been further tested at the coast of Kaohsiung harbor.

頁(從 - 到)113-120
期刊Journal of Taiwan Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
出版狀態Published - 2008 8月

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  • 海洋工程
  • 機械工業


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