Dielectric and magnetic properties of low-temperature-fired ferrite-dielectric composites

Hsing I. Hsiang, Tai How Chen

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The composition effects on the sintering behavior, microstructure evolution, dielectric, and magnetic properties of BaO·(Nd 0.8Bi0.2)2O3·4TiO 2 (BNBT)+Bi2O3-B2O 3-SiO2-ZnO (BBSZ) glass-(Ni0.28Cu 0.12Zn0.6O)-(Fe2O3)0.99 (NiCuZn ferrite) composites were investigated in developing low-temperature- fired composites for high-frequency electromagnetic interference devices. An X-ray diffractometer, a scanning electron microscope, and a dilatometer were used to examine the BNBT+BBSZ glass powder to NiCuZn ferrite ratio effect on the composites densification and chemical reaction between BNBT and NiCuZn ferrite. The results indicate that these composites can be densified at 950°C with no significant chemical reactions occurring between BNBT and NiCuZn ferrites during sintering. The BNBT+BBSZ glass-NiCuZn ferrite composites sintered at 950°C exhibit excellent dielectric and magnetic properties over a wide frequency range.

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期刊Journal of the American Ceramic Society
出版狀態Published - 2008 6月 1

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