Diffusion of cesium and selenium in crushed mudrock

Chuan-Pin Lee, Y. Y. Wei, S. C. Tsai, S. P. Teng, C. N. Hsu

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In this study, the diffusion behavior of cesium and selenium with 10 -4M concentration in mudrock was studied by trough-diffusion tests and summarized in order to provide confidence on long-term performance assessment of nuclear waste repositories. The diffusion process of Cs and Se reached equilibrium after 60 and 500 days, respectively. Besides, it also displays that the distribution coefficients (K d ) of Se in through-diffusion tests is higher than that of Cs in agreement with that obtained from the batch method. The K d value (15.14±1.99 mL/g) of Cs by diffusion techniques is equivalent to that of batch method (15.10±0.40 mL/g) because sorption of Cs was assumed to fast sorption step. However, the K d value of Se (137.58±12.20 mL/g) derived from the diffusion technique is higher than that from batch tests (76.72±2.96) and showed an obvious variation with K d of Cs. The difference of K d between diffusion and batch methods resulted from the fact that 14 days were not long enough to reach equilibrium or stable state in the batch method.

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期刊Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
出版狀態Published - 2009 三月 1

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