Direct growth of ultra-long platinum nanolawns on a semiconductor photocatalyst

Yu Lin Shen, Shih Yun Chen, Jenn Ming Song, Tzu Kang Chin, Chu Hsuan Lin, In Gann Chen

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A template- and surfactant-free process, thermally assisted photoreduction, is developed to prepare vertically grown ultra-long Pt nanowires (NWs) (about 30-40 nm in diameter, 5-6 μm in length, and up to 80 NWs/100 μm 2 in the wire density) on TiO 2 coated substrates, including Si wafers and carbon fibers, with the assistance of the photocatalytic ability and semiconductor characteristics of TiO 2. A remarkable aspect ratio of up to 200 can be achieved. TEM analytical results suggest that the Pt NWs are single-crystalline with a preferred 〈111〉growth direction. The precursor adopted and the heat treatment conditions are crucial for the yield of NWs. The photoelectrons supplied by TiO 2 gives rise to the formation of nano-sized Pt nuclei from salt melt or solution. The subsequent growth of NWs is supported by the thermal electrons which also generated from TiO 2 during the post thermal treatment. The interactions between the ions and the electrons in the Pt/TiO 2 junction are discussed in this study.

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期刊Nanoscale Research Letters
出版狀態Published - 2011

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