Direction switching and beam steering of cholesteric liquid crystal gratings

Hung Chang Jau, Tsung Hsien Lin, Yan Yu Chen, Chun Wei Chen, Jui Hsiang Liu, Andy Y.G. Fuh

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This work proposes two mechanisms for switching the direction of stripes in cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) gratings. The stripe direction depends on the ratio of cell gap to the natural pitch length (d/P 0) of a CLC sample. Electrical switching is based on the different pitches at the planar and the transient planar states. Optical switching, however, changes pitch by using the photo-isomerization effect of the azobenzene doped in a CLC sample. Using the two mechanisms, we can switch the stripe directions in two orthogonal directions. Furthermore, the beam-steering capability of CLC gratings also remains effective after switching directions.

期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態Published - 2012 三月 26

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