Disturbance propagation and design of power flow reduction in a cross-type truss beam

Rong Tyai Wang

研究成果: Article


There are four passing bands in an infinite truss beam. For an incident bending wave from any branch of a cross-type structure encountering the conjunction of these four branches of this structure, the induced wave modes in each branch can be predicted by using their dispersion of passing bands. The energy carried by this incident bending wave will be redistributed into these branches by the induced wave modes. The total energy value is conservative. Enlarging the cross-sectional area or stiffening the material of horizontal members of all dissimilar cells around the outlets of this conjunction substructure enhances the power reduction in the two branches perpendicular to the incident direction. On the other hand, the induced power flow in the branch whose direction is the same as the incident direction can be reduced by stiffening the cross-sectional area or stiffening the material of diagonal members of these three cells.

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