Do Consumers Have Colour Aesthetic Preferences for the Facade Materials of Condominium Buildings?

Kaida Chen, Hanliang Lin, Yen Jong Chen, Yue Xu, Shuhui Ding, Yujie Guo, Shuying You

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The distinct cultural environment of various regions leads to unique consumer preferences for building facades, including the colours and materials that are used for the exteriors of condominium buildings. Understanding these preferences holds significant industry reference value for urban planning authorities and residential development companies. However, the colour and material aesthetic preferences of consumers for building facades have not received much research attention. To fill this gap, this study empirically investigates these preferences within the cultural context of Fuzhou, China. Using house prices as a reference perspective and econometric methods as research tools, this study explores the specific aesthetic preferences of urban consumer groups and compares the preferences of groups with different levels of consumption. The results confirm the existence of specific consumer preferences for building facade colours and materials and a close connection among the variations in these preferences and various combinations of facade colours and materials. Different quantities and types of materials can lead to distinct preferences for the quantities and features of facade colours. Apart from providing precise professional insights for urban planning authorities and residential developers, this study also offers a feasible conceptual reference for future studies to be conducted in other regions.

出版狀態Published - 2024 2月

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