Double chamber meso scale vortex combustor for micro scale electric generator based on thermo electric generator

Herman Saputro, Laila Fitriana, Aris Purwanto, Riyadi Muslim, Fudhail A. Munir, Wei Cheng Wang

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Research on micro/meso combustor-based small-scale power plants is developing rapidly. This rapid development is motivated by a higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries. In addition, energy needs for portable and mobile devices also drive this development. Based on the opportunities and needs of these small-scale power plants, this study focuses on developing a double-chamber mesoscale vortex combustor. This research aims to compare the temperature profile and the electrical energy generated by single and multiple combustion chambers on the meso vortex combustor. The single chamber combustor has 56 × 28 × 10 mm, and the double combustor is 56 × 56 × 10 mm. Both meso vortex combustor has dimension with a 4 mm inlet diameter. In the meso scale vortex combustor, we also installed stainless steel wire mesh to compare the temperature with and without wire mesh. Based on the numerical study results, the flame can be stabilized in the double chamber combustor configuration. The wire mesh installation can enhance the flame stabilization process. Nevertheless, the wire mesh installation reduces the wall temperature because the mixture's exit velocity is more stable than the combustor without the wire mesh. The result shows that a double chamber meso scale vortex combustor has a higher temperature and electric energy output than a single chamber combustor. The double chamber combustor can generate 9.5 Watt electric power with 12.6% energy conversion efficiency.

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期刊Energy Reports
出版狀態Published - 2023 12月

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