Double-side operable perovskite photodetector using Cu/Cu2O as a hole transport layer

You Jyun Chen, Ming Hsien Li, Jia Yi Liu, Cheong-Wei Chong, Jung-Chun Huang, Peter Chen

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In this study, a perovskite is integrated with an ultra-thin Cu/Cu2O (CCO) composite film, a transparent material with high mobility, to achieve a double-side and low-voltage operable photodetector. Compared to photodetectors that utilize metal electrode with perovskite, the use of CCO significantly enhances the photocurrent (from nA up to mA). It acts as a large-scale hole transport layer. The photodetector exhibits high responsivities of 6.79 AW−1 [illuminated via the fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) side] and 10.23 AW−1 (illuminated via CCO side). The detectivities obtained at both illuminated sides are as high as over 1011 Jones. Additionally, the Cu/Cu2O-covered perovskite effectively prevents the reaction of perovskite in the interface. This work reveals that the perovskite/CCO heterojunction photodetector can be considered a promising candidate for applications in bifacial-illuminated and flexible/wearable optoelectronic technologies.

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期刊Optics Express
出版狀態Published - 2019 9月 2

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