Dry deposition onto aerodynamic surfaces and vegetation

Yee Lin Wu, Cliff Davidson

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During the Southern California Air Quality Study (SCAQS) in June and July of 1987, the dry deposition fluxes to aerodynamic surrogate surfaces (symmetric airfoils) and vegetation were measured at Claremont, about 100 kilometers east of Los Angeles International Airport. At the same time, two different kinds of vegetation were used for comparison. This is the first time that the airfoils were used to measure dry deposition in the field. Preliminary results suggested that sedimentation dominates particle deposition onto the airfoils, so that the total mass deposition is mostly influenced by the concentration of large particles in the atmosphere. In this paper, we present the computed air flow patterns around the airfoil and results of field measurements during SCAQS.

出版狀態Published - 1989 12月 1
事件Proceedings - 82nd A&WMA Annual Meeting - Anaheim, CA, USA
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OtherProceedings - 82nd A&WMA Annual Meeting
城市Anaheim, CA, USA

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