Dry wearable textile electrodes for portable electrical impedance tomography

Chang Lin Hu, I. Cheng Cheng, Chih Hsien Huang, Yu Te Liao, Wei Chieh Lin, Kun Ju Tsai, Chih Hsien Chi, Chang Wen Chen, Chia Hsi Wu, I. Te Lin, Chien Ju Li, Chii Wann Lin

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Electrical impedance tomography (EIT), a noninvasive and radiation-free medical imaging technique, has been used for continuous real-time regional lung aeration. However, adhesive electrodes could cause discomfort and increase the risk of skin injury during prolonged measurement. Additionally, the conductive gel between the electrodes and skin could evaporate in long-term usage and deteriorate the signal quality. To address these issues, in this work, textile electrodes integrated with a clothing belt are proposed to achieve EIT lung imaging along with a custom portable EIT system. The simulation and experimental results have verified the validity of the proposed portable EIT system. Furthermore, the imaging results of using the proposed textile electrodes were compared with commercial electrocardiogram electrodes to evaluate their performance.

出版狀態Published - 2021 10月 1

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