DSP based control of self-excited induction generators using AC-to-DC converters and switched excitation capacitors

Dong Jing Lee, Li Wang

研究成果: Conference article


A DSP-based control scheme to simultaneously coordinate an AC/DC converter and a set of switched excitation capacitors of autonomous self-excited induction generators (SEIG). A laboratory 2.2 kW (3 hp) induction machine driven by a brushless DC motor is employed as the studied SEIG. Three-phase system model is employed to establish a set of complete system dynamic equations for simulating the performance of the studied system. The simulated results are compared with the measured outcomes to validate the proposed model. It can be concluded from the simulated and measured results that the proposed coordination control scheme can effectively maintain an adequate DC-link voltage profile at the output terminals of the AC/DC converter under various loading conditions.

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期刊Series on Energy and Power Systems
出版狀態Published - 2005 十二月 1
事件5th IASTED International Conference on Power and Energy Systems, PES 2005 - Marina del Rey, CA, United States
持續時間: 2005 十月 242005 十月 26


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