Dynamic Anthropometrics of Preschool Children in Taiwan for Playground Equipment Designs

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Purpose: Dynamic anthropometry can be applied in equipment/environment designs related to human motions. Since younger children are prone to accidents due to their less-developed physical control and lack of proper judgment of danger. This study aimed to establish a dynamic anthropometric resource for playground safety for preschoolers in Taiwan. Methods: We recruited 500 preschoolers aged 2–6 in Taiwan and utilized an eight-camera Motion Analysis System to survey five common movements of playing. Each subject performed three types of tasks including movement on all-fours, jumping and climbing over obstacles, respectively. All tasks are common movement of playing and associated with the playground injuries. Dynamic anthropometric data of the movements were calculated and presented in the form of statistical data by means, standard deviations and percentiles. Results: The results of this study provided a novel and useful dynamic anthropometric database of preschoolers from 3 to 6. Most of the anthropometric parameters in the same direction of the movement were found relevant to ages. Besides, preschoolers at different stages of motor development demonstrate movements with variations. The 5th and the 95th percentiles are more suitable for applications in playground equipment designs for the safety of maximum numbers of preschoolers. Conclusion: The dynamic anthropometric data of this study can serve as a reference for applications in playground equipment and environmental designs. It will help increase the safety of playgrounds for local preschoolers. More dynamic anthropometric databases of preschoolers are required to create a safe and healthy environment for children to grow up.

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