Dynamic behavior of nonlinear rolling isolation system

L. L. Chung, C. Y. Yang, H. M. Chen, L. Y. Lu

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The linear isolator has fixed vibration frequency. When structures with these linear isolators are located near a fault, it may cause resonance and large displacement response. Hence, nonlinear isolation may avoid this situation. In this study, an eccentric nonlinear rolling isolator with a parameter, which is the eccentricity of the pin connection of the mass block (facility) to the circular isolator, is investigated. If the eccentricity is not equal to zero, the dynamic response is nonlinear rolling behavior. The equation of motion of the isolation system is derived. The frequency of the isolator increases with the eccentricity under the same initial angle. The influence of the eccentricity to the effect of isolation is scrutinized. Finally, the feasibility of the proposed isolation device is verified numerically. If the proposed isolator is designed properly, it is effective for far-field earthquake (El Centro earthquake). Even though the linearized frequency of the proposed isolator falls into the dominant frequency range of near-fault earthquake (Chi-Chi earthquake), resonance can be avoided due to nonlinearity.

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期刊Structural Control and Health Monitoring
出版狀態Published - 2009 2月

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