Dynamic mechanical properties of dental amalgams

J. H. Chern Lin, E. H. Greener, T. Hanawa, T. Okabe

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The dynamic mechanical properties of two high-copper amalgams (Tytin and Dispersalloy) and two traditional amalgams (Aristalloy and Aristalloy with Zn) were measured over a temperature range of 0-70°C and at frequencies of 0.1, 1, and 10 Hz by means of a DuPont DMA. Values of storage modulus (E′) for the amalgams were equivalent to the Young's modulus (E) measured from static mechanical test methods, with Dispersalloy demonstrating the highest moduli. Values of E′ decreased with increased temperature. E′ of traditional amalgams decreased more rapidly than did those of the Cu-rich amalgams. Values of loss modulus (E″) for Tytin were smaller than those of Dispersalloy and the two types of Aristalloy. High values of E″ for the traditional amalgams correspond to a greater viscous behavior. Marked differences between the magnitude of tanδ and its temperature coefficients for traditional and high-copper amalgams were observed, which is indicative of differences in visco-elastic behavior between these two amalgam systems.

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期刊Dental Materials
出版狀態Published - 1990 1月

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