Dynamic priority scheduling of periodic queries in on-demand data dissemination systems

Quan Zhou, Guohui Li, Jianjun Li, Lih Chyun Shu, Cong Zhang, Fumin Yang

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As an important wireless data broadcast technique, on-demand broadcast has been widely used for dynamic and large-scale data dissemination. An important class of emerging data broadcast applications requires monitoring multiple data items continuously in order to support data-driven decision making. Since wireless bandwidth is a precious shared medium, an important problem to solve is how to disseminate data to periodic queries, so that all the requests can be satisfied while the bandwidth consumption is minimized. In this paper, we first propose a new real-time scheduling algorithm called EDFS, which is a variant of the classic EDF [24] algorithm. Based on EDFS, we propose a novel on-line broadcast scheduling algorithm, called EDFS-BS. To our best knowledge, EDFS-BS is the first dynamic priority based broadcast scheduling algorithm that can be utilized to satisfy the timing constraints of periodic queries. We also propose a bandwidth utilization based schedulability test for EDFS-BS, which is used to ensure timing predictability of a periodic query set. Extensive experiments have been conducted to compare EDFS-BS versus existing solutions with comparable quality. The results show that EDFS-BS outperforms them considerably in terms of wireless bandwidth consumption and query service ratio.

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期刊Information Systems
出版狀態Published - 2017 7月 1

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