Dynamic route choice behaviour and simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment model for mixed traffic flows

Ta Yin Hu, Chee Chung Tong, Tsai Yun Liao, Li Wen Chen

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) focus on increasing the efficiency of existing surface transportation systems through the use of advanced computers, electronics, and communication technologies. In order to perform advanced traffic management and provide travel information, dynamic traffic assignment models need to be developed to provide time-dependent estimates of traffic flows on networks in order to efficiently utilize possible advanced traffic information as well as traffic control measures. Traffic assignment distributes Origin-Destination (OD) trips in a network and determines the flow patterns in a traffic network. This research aims at developing simulation-based algorithm for dynamic traffic assignment problems under mixed traffic flow considerations. Four different physical vehicle types are explicitly considered and modeled, including car, bus, motorcycle, and truck. Four different behavioral rules, pre-specified-path driver, user-equilibrium driver, system-optimization driver, and real-time information driver, are considered in the solution procedure. The DTA algorithm consists of an inner loop that incorporates a direction finding mechanism for the search process for System Optimization (SO) and User Equilibrium (UE) classes based on the simulation results of the current iteration, including experienced vehicular trip times and marginal trip times. In order to understand tripmaker acceptance toward route guidance, a survey is conducted to explore possible behavioral classifications and associated percentages. Numerical experiments are conducted in a test network and a real city network to illustrate the capabilities of the simulation-based DTA procedures, and to observe how system performs under multiple user class’s conditions, including multiple user behavior rules and multiple physical vehicle classes.

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期刊KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2018 2月 1

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