Easier hepatic resections with a straight needle

Yu Chung Chang, Naofumi Nagasue, Xi Zhang Lin, Chu San Chen

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Background: A stainless-sheathed, straight needle with a hook near the top of the inner needle was designed to facilitate hepatic resections. Methods: First, using this needle, two rows of interlocking mattress sutures were made along the division line; then, hepatic transection was performed between these rows by electrocautery or forceps. Results: Since 1997, we have performed this kind of hepatic resections in 43 cases, including 9 right lobectomies, 5 bisegmentectomies, 7 segmentectomies, 4 subsegmentectomies, 2 partial hepatectomies, 15 left lateral segmentectomies, and 1 hepatorrhaphy. In most cases, intraoperative hemorrhage was minimal. Neither specified inflow nor backflow control procedures were needed. Conclusion: Use of this needle may reduce the difficulty of the technique and blood loss for right hepatic lobectomy, left lateral segmentectomy, and some segmental or partial hepatectomy procedures.

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期刊American Journal of Surgery
出版狀態Published - 2001

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