Effect of chitosan on deposition of LiCoO2 thin film for Li-ion batteries

C. T. Ni, K. Z. Fung

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Deposition of LiCoO2 thin film using chitosan-added precursor solution was found to be a cost-effective way to fabricate cathode for Li-ion thin film batteries. The structures and electrochemical performance of such LiCoO2 cathode were characterized by using an X-ray diffracotmeter (XRD), FTIR and charge-discharge tests. After annealing at ca. 500 °C, the results of XRD showed that the LiCoO2 gel started to crystallize and showed hexagonal phase with a space group of R3̄m. The enhanced stability of the precursor solution by the addition of chitosan is attributed to the complexation between metal ions and the -NH2 groups of chitosan.The electrochemical behaviour for the deposited films calcined at 700 °C for 4 h was also characterized by charge-discharge test. The result revealed that the film deposited from chitosan-containing precursor solution possesses an initial discharge capacity of 129 mAh g- 1.

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期刊Solid State Ionics
出版狀態Published - 2009 6月 22

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