Effect of the pressure dependency of the yield condition on the stress distribution in a rotating disk

S. E. Alexandrov, E. V. Lomakin, Y. R. Jeng

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A study of the effect of the pressure dependency of the plasticity condition on the stress distribution in thin-walled constructions was conducted. The condition of plasticity was used for the class of materials under consideration. The average and equivalent stresses are expressed through the principal stresses and by the relations. The study shows that even in the case of a weak dependence of material plastic properties on the mean stress, when the factor is small, the stress distribution can differ noticeably from the diagrams calculated disregarding this dependence and which are based on the assumption of invariability of material plastic properties to the loading conditions.

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期刊Doklady Physics
出版狀態Published - 2010 十二月 1


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